Want to learn more about the A|r family? We are a 60-person firm headquartered in Allentown, in Buffalo, NY.  We are a diverse team of creative people, with a focus on innovation, inclusion, sustainability and design excellence.  Our creative efforts have led to a broad portfolio of successful projects across the nation, with a focus on higher education, healthcare, and civic projects for public and private sector clients.

Our work includes the design of new hospitals, university facilities, master plans, and the revitalization of important civic spaces including public squares, park buildings, libraries, and historic sites. In truth, though, projects are done by people, and we have assembled a family of talented individuals experienced in design, project execution and, most importantly, communication.

We are on the lookout for new team members that are passionate about problem-solving and dedicated to design excellence.

  • Licensed Architect
  • Architectural Designer
  • Elevator Design
  • Junior Planner

For additional information on these and other career opportunities, lets talk: [email protected]

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