Our WorkHarriman State Office Building Campus

Harriman State Office Building Campus, Building 5 Renovation by Architectural Resources

Design Brief

Project Location: Albany, NY

A|r provided vertical transportation engineering services that included elevator traffic analysis studies and multiple concept options resulting in a final elevator design. The final layout utilized an existing escalator area-way as hoistways for new machine room-less (MRL) elevator systems along with modernization of the three existing elevators in the building. As part of the design coordination effort with other prime OGS term Consultants, A|r developed and distributed “Design Consultant Guidelines” to facilitate coordination between the elevator systems and other discipline sub-systems.

Design Brief

The elevator modernization project at the Buffalo Civic Auto Ramp (BCAR) Fernbach parking ramp entailed the replacement of four ten-stop, low-rise, geared traction elevators and upgrades to their associated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire alarm systems. As part of the project, BCAR requested that the car speed be increased and that the elevator cab wall be made of operable glass doors, which require special operations and safety features. Due to exposure to the elements, A|r recommended that much of the hoistway structural steel be replaced with galvanized steel. Construction administration and Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) services for BCAR were provided to ensure the installation of the elevators met the contract documents and code.

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