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Jared A. Oakley Architectural Resources Team

Jared A. Oakley, AIA

“Every facility has different needs that fit within the framework of treatment and the goal of healing.  Our goal is to develop solutions that respond to these unique needs.  And, although the traditional stigma associated with mental health seems to have begun to be shed, it is still important to develop solutions that inherently advocate for the treatment and normalization of this population.” 

With over 2 decades of experience in the design and construction industry, Jared prides himself on successfully assisting clients with projects of many types and sizes. In addition to high standards of design, technical accuracy and quality control, his practice is based on the belief that the success of a project depends on strong team communication. From initial programming meetings through completed construction, Jared strives to create consensus and truly enjoys engaging with all members of the design, owner and construction teams.

He has managed various healthcare projects ranging from large and medium scale renovations in occupied facilities to the construction of new hospitals. He has extensive knowledge of building codes, life safety codes and FGI standards and can seamlessly balance these technical requirements with the goals of clinicians and owners.

In addition to being trained and licensed as an architect, Jared also has a background in psychology. His years of experience while employed as a Psychiatric Technician on an Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Unit helps inform his approach to all behavioral healthcare projects.

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