Nichols MSIT by Architectural Resources

Design Brief

Project Location: Buffalo, NY

A|r has led the design team on a number of major projects at the Nichols School campus including greenspace and site circulation reconfiguration, athletic field redevelopment, and design and construction of the new Math, Science, & IT Building.

The new building design blends together the school’s mission of academic excellence and environmental sustainability. The unique design maximizes daylighting throughout the building. The long east-west axis, coupled with an intricately detailed system of louvers and overhangs, maximizes day-lighting while managing solar heat gain. A green roof, rain garden, energy saving MEP systems, low VOC finishes, and efficient building envelope are all incorporated into the design.

06.11.18 | Canalside

The reflection of silos on water and use of galvanized steel pay homage to our industrial heritage here in Buffalo, New York. Canalside exemplifies the resurgence underway in our city: Its historic character is harnessed and transformed into a pedestrian destination for urban lifestyle. This revitalized place truly celebrates our country’s innovation in architecture, engineering, and manufacturing as one of Buffalo’s most lively destinations.

As the warm weather arrives, we are surrounded once again by the greens and blues of the Queen City. Enjoy a summer calendar filled with diverse activities at Canalside, along the outer harbor or on our tranquil waters, and happy June from A|r.

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