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09.02.20 | Library Design in a Changing World

With the ever-evolving nature of teaching and learning, the academic library has already undergone a great transformation by adapting to new paradigms present in higher education. The proliferation of digital resources and scholarship has meant that access to information is everywhere and even more critical in the current circumstances.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators across the world have shifted their course delivery to online methods, at least partially, if not completely. As schools transition to hybrid systems of learning, linking the physical classroom with digital spaces, the library remains a center for students to study, collaborate, and access the resources they need. Libraries have increasingly become centers of academic support, technology support, and even one-stop student service centers that bridge students with online resources.

From active maker spaces to great halls for quiet study, we’ve designed libraries to embrace a wide variety of physical and virtual spaces that fuse intellectual curiosity with a rich resource environment. As an advocate for open access, innovation and collaboration, A|r has worked with institutions that are leaders in the era of digital scholarship, providing inspiring and diverse learning spaces for the campus community that will support the academic goals of the college well into the future.

Happy September to all of the scholars and educators embarking on a new year of study!

Some of our recent academic library and digital resource support spaces include:

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