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01.02.20 | Design Thinking

January is the month of resolutions, revelations, and new beginnings. This January we celebrate Design Thinking. Why?

Design thinking begins with a deep inquiry into the why and whom – it’s about having empathy and taking a deep interest in understanding people (including ourselves).
With design thinking we engage the voices of many to ideate, motivate, innovate and create. Together, we experiment (and start over), solving one problem at a time, until a singular vision emerges. We find harmony, balance and beauty as we build outcomes that improve the way we connect to one another and to the planet.

Whether in the home or the workplace, hospitals or campuses, design thinking challenges the assumptions that have guided how we’ve done things until now and spurs us to consider new approaches.

Here’s to a new decade of forward-thinking design!

Happy January!

Here are some of the conceptual projects we’ve had fun with recently:

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