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05.03.18 | Olympic Jumping Complex at Whiteface Mountain

The Olympic season means many things, including life-changing inspiration for the next generation of young athletes ready to pursue the dream of Gold.

At A|r, we know these athletes depend on the infrastructure we work to design and maintain, including the Olympic Jumping Complex at Whiteface Mountain.  Year round, daring athletes ascend the glass enclosed elevator to the blustery zenith of the K-120 meter jump to speed down the hill and take flight. A burst of muscle power at the bottom parts skis from ramp and the jumper is catapulted into silence, surrounded only by 360 degrees of pristine air and breathtaking Adirondack Mountains. It’s quite an exhilarating ten seconds.

Welcome home to our athletes after an awe invoking Olympic season. You have inspired us all to work even harder in our own unique pursuits.

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