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03.29.19 | The Egg

The Egg – named for its iconic design – is the Empire State Plaza’s Center for the Performing Arts. The A|r Vertical Transportation studio was invited to provide complete elevator modernization for the facility. The unique building required six custom-designed elevators, including four circular passenger elevators, a hydraulic platform lift that services six floors, and a one-of-a-kind hydraulic stage lift with a travel distance of over 100 feet.

Some fun facts about this historic building and our elevator modernization:

  • Although the “stem” holding up the Egg seems to rest on the platform of the sidewalk, it actually anchors the building by going down six stories into the ground.
  • There are virtually no straight lines throughout the entire building construction (including our rounded elevators!)
  • The Egg’s stage lift is adaptable to the size of the performance. For larger equipment and set designs, the opening height can be increased to over 22 feet.

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