Our Practice Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

“Safe and effective treatment settings for individuals recovering from mental illness, their families and caregivers.”


  • Space Programming + Pre-Design
  • Building Code + Accreditation Standards
  • Compliance Evaluations
  • Facility Design Standards
  • Material + Product Evaluations and Testing
  • Risk Mitigation + Workplace Safety Studies
  • Organizational Strategies + Policies
  • Resource Allocation + Budgeting
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Technology Integration Studies


Architectural Resources is one of the nation’s foremost experts in the planning and design of treatment facilities for supportive needs populations. Our approach to the design of high performance healthcare systems for supportive needs populations is based equally in research, evidence-based standards development and deep experience in facility design and construction.

Our portfolio of completed programming, design and construction projects include major inpatient treatment facilities, new and renovated community-based housing, day treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, campus support facilities and small-scale code compliance, energy conservation and safety improvement projects.


Emphasis on Wellness

Beyond sustainable and efficient designs around USGBC LEED designations, A|r designs safe and healthy facilities for patients and staff on the principles of the International Well Building Institute WELL certification. These initiatives are critical to healthcare providers seeking to recruit and retain the best qualified staff and reduce sick time and staff turnover.



Our work on standards development has contributed to safer housing and treatment environments. Over the years we have completed risk assessments, safe workplace studies, building material and product tests, and code compliance evaluations, and we regularly advise on the therapeutic integration of behavioral healthcare in secure settings. We have authored and provided significant contributions to facility program standards, guideline specifications, environmental design standards and patient safety references.


Master Planning

Our focus with behavioral health is always on the people. Not just the patients, but the staff, families and visitors to any behavioral health facility. We recognize each group’s specialized needs and concerns, and we design the spaces to be safe, comfortable, therapeutic environments for all users.

With this understanding of supportive needs populations, we provide planning and design consultation on inpatient, outpatient residential and community-based clinic projects throughout the country and have built a reputation for informed analysis, effective communication, and project wide consensus building. Our healthcare planners assist public and private providers with strategic planning, feasibility studies, campus assessment, space planning, capital program management, agency design standards, accreditation compliance, facility management, and consolidation studies. We regularly consult on the on the cost-effective ways healthcare providers can increase behavioral health service capacity, by transforming existing hospitals and campuses for new models of patient care.


Technology Integration

We have clearly arrived at a point where BIM is integral to planning, design, fabrication and facility construction, leading more efficient and effective treatment environments. Our experience in the implementation of BIM in complex building environments has facilitated ground-breaking advances in the design of secure care and treatment facilities. Innovations in the design of clinical, architectural, and engineering systems are made possible with our unique streamlined approach applied throughout each stage of a project’s life cycle, leading to a detailed clash-coordinated model, and providing major advantages and efficiencies to facility construction and management.


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